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The Dukes of Hazzard
Ladies Day Out
By: Lisa Philbrick

The women of Hazzard are all Boss Hogg has to save his life.


Of all the times for something to happen in Hazzard County, most of our key players were missin' when it started. Bo and Luke had Uncle Jesse's pick up and were in Cedar City picking up seed and tractor parts. Enos was in Capital City and Rosco was over in Choctaw County for the police convention. Poor MaryAnne had to put up with takin' direct orders from Boss and this feller rolled into Hazzard lookin' to settle a score with Boss.

A mean looking dirty blonde haired man driving a black sedan drove into Hazzard Square.

How's that for just gettin' started?

The man slowed the car next to a woman walking on the sidewalk.

"Excuse me," he said. "I wonder if you could help me. I'm lookin' for J.D. Hogg?"

"He could be anywhere," the woman responded. "If he's not at the bank he could be over the courthouse or out at the Boar's Nest."

"I see. Thank ya kindly," the man said and drove away.

* * *

"Now let me make a few things clear," MaryAnne said to Boss. They were seated in his Boar's Nest office. "I will not take part in any frame up of the Duke boys, I will not check on production of your stills, floating crape game, fencing operation or anything else, I will not take Rosco's cut and I'm sure as heck not payin' his kickback. I may be the temporary Acting Sheriff, but only until Rosco comes back from the convention and Enos get's back from Capital City."

"Fine," Boss said. "I wasn't gonna have you do any of that anyway, but remember as temporary acting Sheriff you have to take direct orders from me."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Just don't give me any stupid orders and we'll be fine."

"All right, enough of this. Listen, I gotta get back to town," he said getting up from his chair. "I would suggest you do the same."

Meanwhile, outside the Boar's Nest, the fellow that was looking for Boss in town pulled up. He spotted Boss's while Cadillac and after getting out of his car he went over and stood by the large convertible.

As Boss walked out the side door, MaryAnne stopped to tie her bootlace.

When Boss came around the corner of the Boar's Nest he stopped at seeing the guy standing by his convertible. The fellow was looking at the front door of the Boar's Nest.

"Hey," Boss said. "What are you doin' hangin' around my car?"

The guy turned his head to Boss.

Boss's face registered in surprise as he recognized the man's face.

"Ah hello, Billy."

"Hello, Hogg. Nice to see ya."

"Yeah," Boss said meekly.

Billy carefully pulled a gun from his waist. "Let's you and me take a little drive, out somewhere nice and desolate so we can discuss how you're gonna pay for what you did to me." He waved the gun for Boss to move. "Get in my car."

"All right, all right," Boss said nervously.

From around the back corner of the Boar's Nest, MaryAnne watched as Boss was marched to the car. When Billy turned his back, MaryAnne dashed to the back end of the Cadillac and withdrew her gun.

When the black car backed up and the driver window was aligned with MaryAnne, she stood up and pointed her gun at billy.

"Hold it right there. You're not takin' him anywhere," she said.

Billy brought the car to a stop.

"Get out, Boss," MaryAnne said.

Boss scrambled out of the car and ran over to MaryAnne. He stood behind her.

"You arrest him," he commanded, "throw the book at him."


"Make sure he never gets out of jail."


"He was gonna kill me!"

"Boss!" MaryAnne finally said. "If you'll hush long enough I can arrest him."

"Oh okay."

But before MaryAnne could say anymore, Billy knocked her gun out of her hand and then drew his gun on her and Boss.

"Boss, look out!"

MaryAnne and Boss managed to hit the ground just before the gun discharged. Billy floored the accelerator and the car went in reverse kicking up a cloud of dust.

MaryAnne crawled to her gun and started shooting at the car as it drove away. When firing several shots had no affect on stopping the black sedan, MaryAnne quit and put her gun its holster.

If y'all wondering why all that shootin' didn't bring any one out of the Boar's Nest, there was no in there to begin with.

MaryAnne crawled back to where Boss sat on the ground, leaning against his Caddy.

"Y'all right?"

"Yeah," he replied breathlessly. "Oh man, that's the closest I ever want to get to the wrong end of a gun again."

"Yeah," she agreed. "He got your car good too," she gestured to the bullet hole in the fender. "Who was that guy?!" she demanded.

"Billy Lee," he said. "About eight years ago I testified against him when he was caught running shine through Hazzard. He worked for Harvey Flanders out of Atlanta and tried to bribe me into lettin' him go in exchange for a cut into Flanders operation. The day after Billy was caught Flanders was busted and I turned Billy over to the authorities. He vowed that if and when he got out of jail he was gonna kill me."

"Another one? Hasn't this happened to ya before?"


"Boy, you're a real popular guy ain't ya?"

"Oh," he moaned. "MaryAnne you gotta help me. He's gonna kill me!" He clutched her arm.

"Alright, alright," she said easily, "I'm gonna help ya. I know you and I haven't exactly been agreeable to each other but I don't like seeing people get hurt. Besides, you're Lulu's husband and Rosco's brother-in-law and they're my cousins so I'm gonna

"Oh thank you," he said.

"Alright. Come on, let's get up. I've got a feelin' Billy Lee isn't gonna give up easily so we've got to move fast." MaryAnne helped Boss up. As he brushed himself off she asked, "Where's Lulu right now?"

"She's at the house."

"Okay, go inside and call her. Tell her to go over to Rosco's house and wait for us there. Don't explain anything to her now, we'll do that later. I'm gonna call Jesse, Daisy and Cooter on the CB. If we're gonna fight this guy we're gonna need some help."

When everybody arrived at Rosco's house, MaryAnne explained what happened and Boss filled in the details about Billy Lee. I bet MaryAnne didn't figure on something like this happening on her first day as temporary Sheriff.

"Well," Cooter said, "this Billy Lee fella sounds like a really nice guy."

"Yeah," MaryAnne said. "The way I figure it, he ain't gonna give up easily and is gonna comb the county lookin' for Boss. That's why I had Lulu come out here so that in case Billy went to Boss's house he wouldn't find Lulu and try to kidnap her and then do something ridiculous like exchanging her life for Boss's or something. The last thing we need is a hostage crisis."

"Good thinkin', " Jesse said.

"Thank you," MaryAnne said. "Of course of all the times for Bo, Luke, Rosco and Enos to be out of Hazzard. Did the boys take the General?"

"No, they took my pick up," Jesse said.

"Do you have an idea MaryAnne?" Daisy asked.

"No," MaryAnne admitted. "Just lookin' for some insurance I guess." She paused. "I know what we need to do I just don't know how to do it. And I don't know what this guy's next move might be. I've got a feelin' he may not be too happy with me for spoiling his attempt to get to Boss and he may be lookin' for me too."

"Don't you think we oughta call in the FBI?" Jesse asked.

"I did, but they can't send an agent until this afternoon. I called the U.S. Marshall's office too but they can't send anyone 'til tomorrow. Guess I'm not as important just bein' the temporary Sheriff. Shoot, I can act like Rosco if it'll make them feel better," she giggled like Rosco and then added, "I love it, I love it!"

Everyone but Boss giggled at MaryAnne's attempt at being like Rosco.

"What are you all laughing for?" Boss said. "My life's in danger here, this is no time to be goofin' around."

"Boss, you're safe here," MaryAnne said. "If Billy goes back to the Boar's Nest all he's gonna find is your convertible. I mean, the place is closed today, there's no one there. If he goes to the police station looking for me he ain't gonna find me and if he goes to the house he ain't gonna find anyone there either. Just relax, all we gotta do is figure out how to get this guy."

Makes it sound easy, don't she?

Well, while everyone was trying to figure out how to catch Billy Lee, Bo and Luke were almost finished with their errands in Cedar City.

Luke tossed another bag of seed to Bo who was standing in the bed of the truck.

"Hey, be careful!" Bo exclaimed when the force behind the bag being thrown nearly knocked him over.

"Sorry. It's the last one anyway," Luke said.

"All right," Bo said, jumping down from the truck. Luke paid for the seed and then he and Bo got into the truck.

Bo turned the ignition and looked at the fuel gage. "How much we got left?" He asked.

"Eight dollars," Luke replied. "Why?"

"Well, we better get some gas if we're gonna make if back to Hazzard."

"All right."

* * *

Billy Lee pulled the black sedan into the woods. He killed the engine and sat back in thought.

After a couple of moments, he leaned over the seat and opened the glove box. He pulled out an old, folded newspaper. It was the front page of the Hazzard Gazette with the lead story about his capture and a photo of Boss Hogg.

Billy looked at the paper for a moment, then threw it on the passenger seat. He started the car and tore out of the woods heading towards town.

Well, MaryAnne had been right about Billy Lee goin' to Boss's house. When he didn't find Boss there, and after adding his own decorative touch, he went to the police station. Not finding anyone there he headed back to the Boar's Nest.

Meanwhile, Uncle Jesse and Daisy had gone back to the farm to get the General, which Daisy drove back to Rosco's house. She spotted Billy Lee heading to the Boar's Nest.

Daisy picked up the General's CB after the black sedan went by.

"Daisy Duke calling Acting Sheriff MaryAnne Coltrane, come back."

MaryAnne picked up the CB mike from the set on the table next to the couch. "This is MaryAnne, go ahead Daisy."

"What color's the car Billy Lee's driving?"

"Black. Why?"

"He just passed me, heading towards the Boar's Nest."

"Daisy are you in the General?"


"Okay, can you watch him for me? Don't let him see ya. I'm on my way."

"You got it."

MaryAnne put the CB mike down and headed toward the foyer.

"Wait!" Boss exclaimed, leaping off the couch. "What if it's not Billy Lee and he comes here and finds me while you're out on a wild goose chase?"

MaryAnne returned to the living room. "Boss, he ain't gonna find ya here," she said. "Trust me."

"Yeah, but, but, but--" Boss sputtered.

"J.D.," Lulu said soothingly, "just relax. If that fella Daisy saw is Billy Lee, then MaryAnne can catch him and arrest him."

"Yeah. I could have him cuffed and stuffed within the hour," MaryAnne said. "Look, you got Bandit here to help protect ya and I'll tell ya what," she fished in her pocket, "if someone should show up you don't recognize here's the keys to Maverick, he's in the barn. Okay?"

Boss fudged a bit. "Oh all right."

"Okay," MaryAnne said heading back to the foyer. "Don't worry Boss, this'll all be over soon," she called as she went out the door.

* * *

Over in Choctaw County, Rosco was dozing off at the police convention.

Yep, ol' Rosco probably can't imagine that things in Hazzard right now aren't quite as tranquil.

* * *

Daisy had followed the black sedan to the Boar's Nest. She parked the General behind some bushes and watched from there as Billy Lee broke into Boss's office.

Over the General's CB came MaryAnne's voice.

"Daisy this is MaryAnne, what's happening?"

"He's at the Boar's Nest. He just broke into Boss's office."

"Okay, I'm about two minutes out. Hold on."

After a few moments Daisy saw the white patrol car come around the corner. MaryAnne quietly parked the car by the front entrance to the Boar's Nest and got out. She carefully walked to the corner of the building. Peering around the corner she saw the door open and she withdrew her gun.

Daisy, meanwhile, had climbed out of the General and had grabbed the bow and arrows that were in the back seat. She quietly made her way to the backside of the Boar's Nest and had an arrow drawn and ready.

MaryAnne tiptoed to the door and stood behind it using it as a shield.

"Billy Lee? This is the law. I want you to drop your gun and come out with your hands up."

Billy Lee froze and looked at the open doorway. He could see MaryAnne's shadow below the door. He withdrew his gun.

"You're not taking me alive!" he shouted. He aimed at the door and pulled the trigger twice in rapid succession.

Daisy screamed and ducked behind the corner. MaryAnne flinched and hit the ground.

Billy Lee bolted from Boss's office and scrambled into his car. As he tore away, Daisy aimed the arrow at the back tire. She hesitated on letting it go, figuring if it did hit the tire that would mean that Billy Lee would be hanging around for a little while longer. Daisy decided that might not be a good idea.

She eased the pull on the bow and arrow and came around the corner of the building.

"Oh MaryAnne," she sobbed, running to where MaryAnne was lying on the ground.

"I'm okay," MaryAnne said. Slowly she brought herself to a sitting position. "Boy that was close," she said, looking at the bullet holes in the door. "This guy's a nut!"

"Yeah. Come on, let's get out of here."

“Yeah,” MaryAnne said and followed Daisy to the General.

* * *

"Oh that's terrible," Boss said after Daisy and MaryAnne told him and Lulu what had happened.

"Yeah," MaryAnne said. "I am one very lucky Coltrane. I mean, he shot at me right through the door and I have a feelin' he may start hurtin' other people if he doesn't find you soon."

"What are we gonna do?" Daisy asked.

"Well," MaryAnne said, "we've got to figure a way to get Billy Lee to a place where we want him to be and when we want him to be there." She paused. "You know, his car has a CB antenna on it...and he knows where the Boar's Nest it...I think I'm gettin' an idear..."

Well, while MaryAnne was gettin' her idear, the boys had returned to the farm.

The boys went into the house and found a piece of paper on the kitchen table.

Luke picked it up and read it.

"Boys or Daisy, whoever finds this first, I've gone into town to get a few groceries and I'll be back in awhile. Jesse."

Bo paused for a minute. "I wonder where Daisy is then? The Boar's Nest is closed today."

"Don't know," Luke said. "Probably just went out for awhile."


"Well," Luke said putting the paper back down, "let's get that seed in the barn and see if we can't get started fixin' that tractor."

"All right."

Well, while the boys were fixin' that tractor Rosco had finally woken up and was headin' back to Hazzard and Enos was returnin' from Capital City. All this just as MaryAnne was gettin' Boss ready to help flush out Billy Lee. Now y'all pay attention, 'cuz what you are about to see is a failure to communicate.

Driving back to Hazzard, Rosco approached the Boar's Nest. He saw MaryAnne's patrol car parked in front and decided to stop and see how she was doing.

The front doors being locked, Rosco went to the side door that led to Boss's office. As soon as he came around the corner he stopped at the site of the bullet holes in the open door.

"Judas priest on a..." he trailed off, approaching the door and then carefully peering around it and into Boss's office.

He entered when he realized no one was in there. The office had been ransacked.

He opened the door that led to the bar room and looked around. Not seeing anything that would be cause for alarm, he closed the door and left Boss's office, scurrying back to his patrol car.

He quickly grabbed the CB mike.

"This is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane calling Acting Sheriff MaryAnne Coltrane, you got your ears on? Come on."

No response came and he repeated his call again.

When no response came a second time he called for Boss but received no answer either. He tossed the mike on the seat and closed the door.

After bringing the engine to life he tore out of the Boar's Nest parking lot and headed to town.

While Rosco was barreling towards town trying to figure out what was going on, MaryAnne, Daisy, Boss and Lulu were on their way to the Boar's Nest. On a different road.

When he arrived in town, Rosco headed towards Boss's house and slid the patrol car against the curb, parking it.

He scurried up the steps only to find the door open and the inside of the house a mess.

"Oh no..."

Meanwhile, at the Boar's Nest, MaryAnne and Daisy were hiding the patrol car and the General respectively. MaryAnne left Maverick hastily parked out front.

"Okay," MaryAnne said when she and Daisy came in, "the cars are all set." She went to the bar and set up the CB.

"Now we're gonna do this on all the channels that we can. He's bound to have that radio on one of them." She looked at Boss. "You ready?"

"Yeah," Boss replied.

"Okay, go ahead."

Boss picked up the CB mike. "This is J.D. Hogg calling Acting Sheriff MaryAnne Coltrane," he said softly. "Are you out there?" He passed the CB mike to MaryAnne.

"Boss! Where the heck are you? I've been searching the whole dang county lookin' for ya. Lulu's in hysterics."

"I'm sorry," Boss said, "but after what happen this morning I couldn't run the risk of other people getting hurt so I took your car and I took off."

"Well, gee thanks a lot for your concern but it didn't work, I found Billy Lee at the Boar's Nest but he wasn't willing to come quietly. He dang near killed me. Look, where are you now? We can call in the authorities and maybe catch this guy but I'm gonna need your help."

"He was at the Boar's Nest? So that's what all them bullet holes are from."

"Is that where you are?"


"All right, you sit tight, I'm on my way."

Boss and MaryAnne repeated the call on several channels and Billy Lee heard it. Of course so did Rosco, Enos and the boys.

"Jumpin' Geehosafat," Rosco exclaimed. He was now sitting in his patrol car in front of Boss's house. "The Boss is in trouble." He threw the patrol car in gear and slammed on the accelerator.

As he tore out of Hazzard Square, Rosco picked up the CB mike.

"This is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane calling Acting Sheriff MaryAnne Coltrane. You got your ears on? Come on."

Nope. She left the CB on a different channel.

"Sheriff this is Enos. Did you hear that too?"

"Of course I heard it, you dipstick! Where are you now?"

"I'm just coming over the county line."

"Meet me at the Boar's Nest. The Boss and MaryAnne are gonna need our help."

"10-4 Sheriff. I'm gone."

At the Duke farm, the boys were mulling over what they had heard on the radio.

"Sounds like Boss is in trouble," Bo said.

"Yeah. That Billy Lee feller don't sound like the kind of guy who has Boss on his Christmas list."

"Suppose we should help?"

"Isn't MaryAnne by herself today?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Then we should help."

"Yeah," Bo agreed and the boys climbed into the truck and took off.

* * *

MaryAnne and Daisy were watching from the two front doors of the Boar's Nest for billy Lee's arrival.

Boss was munching on a whole seven course meal Lulu had prepared to keep him content until billy Lee arrived.

MaryAnne looked at Boss as he ate and then turned back to the window, shaking her head. "Like it's his Last Supper," she muttered.

"MaryAnne," Daisy said, "he's coming."

"Okay," MaryAnne said as she and Daisy left the doors and went into the barroom. "Come on Boss, he's pulling up."

Daisy, Lulu and MaryAnne grabbed some of the dishes off the table in front of Boss and hid them behind the bar. Daisy and Lulu then went to hide in the store room as MaryAnne hid behind the bar. Boss remained seated at the table.

Outside, Billy Lee pulled up beside Maverick and cut the engine. He looked around and up and down the road before getting out of the car.

Boss looked up when Billy Lee pulled on the door. "Is that you MaryAnne?" he called.

"Nope," Billy Lee said. Despite the shadows that surrounded Billy, Boss saw the gleam of the Magnum in Billy's hand. "It's me Boss. Your friend, Billy." He approached Boss.

Meanwhile, outside, Rosco and Enos along with Bo and Luke were pulling up to the Boar's Nest.

MaryAnne froze at the sound of car doors slamming. She watched Rosco, Enos, Bo and Luke come filing into the Boar's Nest.

Billy Lee was close enough to Boss, and grabbed him holding the gun on him.

"All right, hold it right there!" Billy Lee shouted.

All four froze.

MaryAnne had her gun drawn and contemplated drawing Billy Lee.

After the shots Billy Lee had taken at her earlier, MaryAnne decided against showing herself for fear Billy would shoot Boss or somebody else.

"You tryin' to pull somethin' Hogg?! I don't know why I shouldn't just waste you right here."

"No, no," Boss sputtered, "it's no trick Billy Lee they probably heard me talkin' to the Sheriff on the CB."

"Well then, at least you get a chance to say goodbye to everyone."

MaryAnne, along with everyone else, watched as Billy Lee led Boss out of the Boar's Nest.

"If you are wise," Billy Lee said to the four before going out the door, "you will not attempt to follow us."

They disappeared out the door.

"Shoot!" Luke exclaimed.

Outside, Billy Lee shot out a tire on Maverick, the Dukes pick up and the two patrol cars before placing Boss in the black sedan.

MaryAnne came out from behind the bar, as Daisy and Lulu came out of the store room.

"What are you all doin' here?" Bo asked.

"Well," MaryAnne spat, "I was gonna catch Billy Lee and cuff 'em and stuff 'em but that didn't quite happen now did it?" She went to the door in time to see Billy Lee drive away. "Where the heck did you all come from anyway?"

"MaryAnne we're sorry," Bo said, "it's just we heard Boss call you on the CB and we thought you needed some help."

"Yeah," Rosco said, Enos nodding as well. "When I got back to town I found the Boss's house all torn apart and I couldn't raise you on the CB."

"Well, if you don't mind, I'd appreciate it if you would all just stay here and let me go get him."

"MaryAnne..."Luke started to stay.

"Hush. I got him into this mess and I'm gonna get him out. Now assuming I bring him back alive and in one piece I don't know why I shouldn't string all four of you up." She marched out the door.

"Dang it," Bo said.

"Oh what are we gonna do?" Lulu sobbed.

Outside, MaryAnne silently cursed when she found all the cars out front had flats. Quickly she ran behind the Boar's Nest.

"General, I hope you don't mind but I need your help," she said as she climbed in through the window. She brought the car to life and tore out from behind the Boar's Nest and down the road after Billy Lee and Boss.

The Dukes, Lulu, Rosco and Enos watched as MaryAnne drove away.

"Daisy, what the heck is goin' on?" Luke asked.

While Daisy and Lulu filled in the boys, Rosco and Enos on what had been happening, MaryAnne had caught up to Billy Lee, but not knowing how to stop him, she could only follow him discreetly.

Based on what Daisy and Lulu had told them, Luke figured MaryAnne was still gonna need some help despite her bein' upset with them for showing up at the wrong time. So he figured a way to help MaryAnne without her really knowing, at least until they actually helped her.

Outside the Boar's Nest, everyone was fixing flat tires. The boys were working on Maverick, Rosco and Enos on their respective patrol cars. Daisy had gone out back to get MaryAnne's patrol car and brought it out front.

"The General's CB should be on channel 22," Luke told Daisy. She nodded and picked up the CB mike.

After changing the channel, she pushed the talk button.

"MaryAnne this is Daisy. Are you okay?"

MaryAnne picked up the General's CB mike. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just following him. I'm sorry I had to take the General."

"That's okay, we understand. Where are you?"

"I'm just turning onto Route 16. I think he's taking Boss to the saw mill."

"MaryAnne, are sure you don't want some help?"

"Daisy, I'm fine, really. I don't plan on lettin' him get to the saw mill anyway."

"All right. You be careful now."

"I will. I'm gone."

"Luke, she's on Route 16 headin' towards the saw mill," Daisy said.

The boys had finished with Maverick's tire before Daisy's conversation with MaryAnne ended. They were sitting on the doors waiting for MaryAnne's location.

"Okay," Luke said to everyone. "Let's see if we can't corral them on to Silk Farm Road. It's a dead end. That should give MaryAnne a bit of an advantage." Luke looked at Rosco and Enos who were finishing changing tires. "Did you get that?"

Rosco threw the jack in the truck. "Yeah," he said. "Silk Farm Road. Enos and I will block off the junction."

"All right. Me and Bo will block off Willow Road. Daisy, think you can get to the saw mill access road before they do?"

"You bet."

"Wait for me Daisy," Lulu said, scurrying to the patrol car.

"All right," Luke said. "Let's go Bo." They slid into Maverick, Bo in the driver seat.

While everyone was tearing out of the Boar's Nest, MaryAnne was still discreetly following Billy Lee.

If y'all wonderin' how MaryAnne could have an advantage on a dead end road against a feller who'll shoot anything that breathes, so am I.

MaryAnne nearly had a coronary when she saw the two patrol cars blocking both sides of the junction.

"Dang blast it! Rosco, you dipstick!" she spat.

Billy Lee saw the General in the rear view mirror and stepped on the accelerator.

MaryAnne pushed the General to keep up.

As they came up to the where Route 16 split with Willow Road, Billy Lee had no choice but to stay on Route 16, for Maverick was blocking the road.

"What the--man, these people don't listen!" she exclaimed.

Billy Lee couldn't take the mill's access road either, with Daisy and Lulu there. He swerved on to Silk Farm Road, with MaryAnne right behind him. Followed by Rosco, Enos and Bo and Luke. Daisy joined them.

"It's a dead end!" he exclaimed, slamming the brakes and bringing the sedan to a sudden stop. With MaryAnne right behind him, Billy Lee only had enough time to get himself out of the car. He left Boss behind and ran towards the woods.

MaryAnne brought the General to a stop and climbed out the window.

Billy Lee stopped and took a shot at MaryAnne.

"Boss, stay down!" she called as she dove behind the sedan. Billy Lee took a couple more shots and then ran into the woods.

MaryAnne came up to the passenger window.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine," Boss replied, getting out of the car.

"All right. Wait here, I'm gonna get this sucka," she said and took off into the woods.

After a moment, Rosco and Enos scurried up to the black sedan.

"Boss, are you all right?" Rosco asked.

"I'm fine. But MaryAnne, she went after Billy Lee in the woods."

"Possumonagumbush," Enos said, "we gotta help her."

"Hold on," Luke said as he and Bo came up to the sedan. "Billy Lee will probably shoot at the first blue shirt he sees. The less targets he has the better. Besides, MaryAnne has the advantage."

"How?" Boss asked.

"Don't you recognize where we are, Rosco?" Bo asked.

"Silk Farm Road," Rosco replied. "Of course I recognize it, it's--" he stopped. "It's Uncle Eli's back forty."

"Eli?" Boss said. "MaryAnne's father?"

"Yep," Luke said. "This is her territory."

Meanwhile, in the woods, MaryAnne was watching Billy Lee run from behind one tree to another.

"I can see you, Billy Lee," she shouted. "You'll never find your way out these woods."

"That's what you think," he replied. "When I get out of here I'm gonna come back and get both you and Hogg. You're gonna pay for your meddlin'" He fired a shot.

Back by the sedan, everyone stopped and listened when they heard the shot.

"Oh dear," Lulu said.

"Luke," Bo said, "don't you think she's still gonna need some help despite her advantage?"

"Yeah," Luke replied. He went to the General and took out the bows and arrows. He handed one of the bows to Bo and they started to walk towards the woods.

"Wait a minute," Rosco said. "I'm goin' with ya. Not only is MaryAnne one of my deputies, she's also my cousin."

The boys exchanged glances.

"All right," Luke said. "Come on."

The boys and Rosco disappeared into the woods.

MaryAnne, meanwhile, was keeping a good eye on Billy Lee and had managed to mover her position to a spot where she was ahead of him. He, however, could not see her.

To show Billy Lee who was in control of the situation, MaryAnne withdrew her gun and aimed at a tree near Billy Lee. She pulled the trigger and he flinched as bark flicked off the tree.

"Looks like you've come to the right place for a close shave, mister," she called.

Billy Lee ducked away from the tree and started running.

Bo, Luke and Rosco stopped when they heard the shot. They looked at each other and then carefully looked around. They saw Billy Lee running and they started to chase after him.

Back by the sedan, Daisy, Lulu, Boss and Enos could only wait and wonder.

Billy Lee spotted the three figures coming after him and he stopped and shielded behind a tree, he took aim at them.

"Boys, Rosco!! Look out!!" MaryAnne exclaimed just as the gun discharged.

The boys and Rosco all stopped and dove behind trees. Billy Lee fired two more shots and then paused a moment.

MaryAnne was still at a position that was ahead of Billy Lee. She looked up the tree she was standing near and then jumped up and grabbed hold of the closest branch and pulled herself up. She climbed up a couple of feet and then stayed perched on a
limb, keeping a steady eye on Billy Lee.

She looked towards the direction the boys and Rosco had been. She spotted Bo's yellow shirt in between the branches and leaves by one tree and she spotted Rosco near another. After a moment of quiet, all three started moving out from behind the trees they had ducked behind when Billy Lee started shooting.

Billy Lee spotted the boys and Rosco and he started to move further into the woods. MaryAnne watched him as he came right under the tree she was sitting up in. When he was directly underneath, MaryAnne jumped down on him, grabbing him by the
shoulders and bringing him to the ground. The gun in his hand discharged wildly causing the boys and Rosco to swing around in the direction they heard the shot. They started running in that direction and saw MaryAnne sitting on Billy Lee and suddenly deliver a punch to his face.

“Ooh,” Rosco said and flinched.

MaryAnne looked at the boys and Rosco. Her expression wasn’t exactly that of appreciation of them being there. She then moved off Billy Lee and pulled out her handcuffs and took a hold of his arm.

“You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law....”

* * *

The boys and Rosco tagged along behind MaryAnne as she escorted Billy Lee out of the woods much to the relief of Boss, Lulu, Daisy and Enos.

"There they are!" Boss exclaimed joyfully. He was relieved they caught Billy Lee and that none of them were hurt.

Well, that FBI agent MaryAnne had called for earlier finally showed up and was waitin' at the courthouse when everyone got back to town. After all MaryAnne had been through, he had the easy part.

After the agent placed Billy Lee in the car and drove away Boss turned to MaryAnne.

"MaryAnne, I want to thank you for saving my life."

"You're welcome. Just lucky for you I loss the coin toss."

"Coin toss?"

"Well, with Enos in Capital City, Rosco and I had to decide who was gonna go to the convention over in Choctaw. So we flipped a coin. I lost."

Bo and Luke chuckled.

MaryAnne turned to the boys and Rosco and Enos. "I wouldn’t smile," she said. "Now I told you fellas that I was going to get Boss back myself. I’ll admit it helped a little that you blocked the roads, but you guys had no idea what Billy Lee was capable of. Now I’ve got half a mind to charge you two with interfering with a police investigation.”

“But, MaryAnne,” Bo started. “The guy had a gun. Daisy told us what happened earlier at the Boar’s Nest. The guy almost shot you!”

MaryAnne rolled her eyes. “Like I’ve never been shot at before.”

“We just wanted to help,” Luke said.

“You would have been more help if you had just stayed put like I kindly asked you to.”

"Well, now MaryAnne, them boys got a point, you know," Rosco said. "He did have a gun. Besides, everything worked out fine, what are you complaining about?"

"Oh Rosco, don't you get it? Apparently these good ol' boys here felt compelled to have to help, not because I was out numbered, but because I'm a woman."

“MaryAnne,” Daisy interrupted, pulling MaryAnne away from the boys. “Forget it,” she said quietly. “Them boys are worse then mother hens.”

“Yeah, kinda like a certain Sheriff we all know? They seem to forget I’ve been doing this since I was twenty years old.” MaryAnne paused and a smiled started to creep across her face. She looked at Daisy. “I've the feeling though, that our day will come. And boy, are they gonna be surprised and shocked.”

Daisy giggled.

Them boys better be careful. Cuz when that day does come, it'll be when they least expect it and it'll be a hard lesson learned.