Hazzard Thanksgiving

"Woof! Woof woof!"
I stopped my pacing in the road way and looked over at Flash, who was leaning on the open window of my patrol car. "Just a couple more hours, darlin'," I said. "We gotta make sure no one's drivin' 'round intoxicated or nothin'. Sure don't want no one gettin' hurt on the day before Thanksgiving."
I smiled and resumed my watch of the road. I adjusted my uniform jacket and shoved my hands into the pockets. The sun was shining but it was chilly, a little cooler than normal for this time of year. Thankfully, no one had tried to pass through my sobriety checkpoint after drinking. MaryAnne, Enos and Cletus were manning checkpoints as well, and neither one had had any trouble. My hope was it stayed like that through the weekend.
I paused by my patrol car and leaned against the front fender, thinking about all the good food Mama, Lulu and MaryAnne would be fixing the following day. I tell you, I could already smell that turkey and stuffing, and Lulu's squash and MaryAnne's banana cream pie....
Well, just as I was enjoying my daydream of turkey and all the fixing's, a car approached. I looked up and immediately knew who it was. I could tell from the exhaust note alone. Although I was used to hearing it from behind this car...
"It's them Dukes," I announced to Flash, not showing much enthusaism. She gave me a clipped bark, scolding me. Ol' Flash loves them Dukes boys. I can tolerate them. Infact, I tolerate them now a lot more than I used to. But don't tell Boss Hogg that!
I watched the General Lee as it came to stop just behind my patrol car. Flash and I both watched the boys and Daisy climb out of the car. Daisy was carrying what looked like a picnic basket.
"Khee! Whatchya got in there?" I asked. "A turkey?"
"Nope, not exactly," Luke said.
"MaryAnne told us how y'all were doin' these sobriety checkpoints," Bo said, "so we've been making the rounds."
"Making the rounds?" I said. "Now you Dukes is the last folks I figured to be liqourin' up."
"Oh not those rounds, Rosco!" Daisy said with smile. Shoot, I was only kidding and I smiled at the Dukes to show I had been. They knew.
"We paid a visit to Enos, Cletus and MaryAnne too," she said.
"And we got something to help you and Flash here get through the rest of the afternoon," Luke said and looked at Daisy, who opened up the picnic basket. She pulled out a thermos first and handed it to Luke and then a brown paper bag.
"Uncle Jesse brewed up his special blend of coffee," Daisy said. "And we brought some treats for Flash."
I think the best way to describe my reaction at the moment was shock. Just plain old shock. I was staring at the thermos and paper bag long enough that the Dukes started giggling.
"Come on, Rosco," Bo said. "We know how much ya like Jesse's coffee."
"Jit jit," I said softly. I accepted the thermos and bag from Daisy and held the thermos in my arm as I opened the bag.
"Khee! Lookie here Flash, them Dukes done brought ya an appetizer!" I turned towards Flash and she was already sniffing and trying to poke her nose into the bag. I pulled one cookie out and held it up for her. She gently took it in her mouth and then disappeared down onto the seat to have her snack.
I folded the top of the bag and peered in to watch Flash for a moment. The Dukes did too.
"Well, we know Flash appreciates it," Luke said.
I looked at him and then Bo and Daisy. "I appreciate it too," I said. "Thank ya." I then paused. "Of course, ya didn't have to..."
Daisy smiled. "Nah, but we wanted to." She looked at the window of the patrol car, where Flash was back, looking for another doggy num num. I pulled another num num from the bag and gave it to her. The Dukes laughed and I looked at them as they watched Flash. They all really were something...but for some reason I couldn't say it out loud. I know I should have but...well, y'all know me.
"Jesse says you gotta drink every last drop of that coffee," Bo said.
"Trust me, I will," I replied. "Khee!"
The Dukes all smiled and after a moment said they were going to head back to their farm.
"Uh listen," I said suddenly before they could all walk away. "Y'all have a nice Thanksgiving, 'k?"
"You have a good Thanksgiving too, Rosco," Daisy said and gave me a hug.
"Happy Thanksgiving, Rosco," the boys said.
"Woof!!" Flash added.
"Happy Thanksgiving, Flash!"
I put the bag of doggy nums nums on the hood of the patrol car and watched the Dukes drive away. I waved to them and they waved back and General Lee played "Dixie." I always did like that song...
When they were gone, I poured myself some of the coffee from the thermos and then handed Flash one more treat.
"Now Flash, that's all yer gonna have for today," I told her. "Don't wanna spoil yer appetite for tomorrow! Khee!!"

Happy Thanksgiving y'all from the Mufn and MaryAnne! =)

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