Not Alone


Upon returning to Project, Al learned that Ziggy had also figured out was going to happen to MaryAnne.

“It won’t be for a couple more hours though. Cliff and Ricky are on their way back to Hazzard but Mr. Hogg is not there. When he does return, he will be in danger first. But when Deputy Strate calls for MaryAnne and Rosco to help after Mr. Hogg is kidnapped then MaryAnne will be in danger.”

“So it’s a choice between MaryAnne or Boss Hogg.”

“It must be MaryAnne.”

“Ziggy! You’re supposed to be helping!”

“I am.”

“Well, what if Sam convinces MaryAnne not to go with him?”

“If Dr. Beckett could do that, then the odds would be five percent of saving Mr. Hogg. But MaryAnne will not allow herself to not go with her cousin.”

“Is there any way to improve the odds?”


Al sighed. “Okay, Ziggy, have you figured out why Rosco is having such a hard time waking up?”

“He is only half here. At least, the Rosco Dr. Beckett lept into is only half here.”

“Where’s the other half?”

“With Dr. Beckett. There is half of another Rosco here as well.”

“From where?”

“From 1987. Somewhere in very early 1987. Two, maybe three weeks from the point Dr. Becket is at now."

Al stopped. “How’d he get here?”

“I believe another leaper is responsible.”

“Ziggy, are you sure?”

“Ninety-six percent sure. However, I am not sure who this other leaper is.”


“Possibly. It could very well be someone else.”

“Maybe trying to get Sam to leap from 1986 to 1987. Using our holding area as a gateway.”


Al paused. “Wait a minute. That means Sam could leap home.”

“Very briefly, on his way to 1987.”

“Is there some way we can keep him here when he leaps?”

“No. It would be dangerous to try to stop Dr. Beckett in mid leap, especially with this other leaper involved. There's no telling what would happen,” the computer replied.

Al paused. “Well, I suppose it was worth a shot. How's Sam now?”

"Dr. Beckett is about to wake up."

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