A few days later, MaryAnne came home one afternoon to check on Rosco and found him out in the barn.

"Rosco?" she called as she approached the open barn door. When she reached it she peered in and saw him standing there looking at Maverick.

"Are you okay?" she asked coming into the barn and walking over to his side.

He paused, still looking over the blue Firebird. "Yeah, I think so. I just can't quite shake that..."


"Yeah. If that's what it was." He paused. "What I remember seems too real to have been a dream."

"But Rosco, I'm here," MaryAnne said, placing her hand on his that rested on the edge of the door. "I obviously wasn't killed."

"I know," he said, turning his hand so he could hold hers. "Maybe what happened and my worrying about you is starting to play tricks on my imagination."

MaryAnne smiled. "Well, you always did have an active one." She then looked at him teasingly. "Uh, you're not thinkin' of firing me again are ya?"

"No," he said and then chuckled. "No, I learned my lesson after that."

"I'd hope so."

"Yup. If I'm gonna fire ya, I should do it myself."

MaryAnne looked at him bug eyed. "Hey!" she exclaimed and playfully slapped him on the arm.

He giggled. "Just kidding!"

MaryAnne laughed and gave Rosco a hug. Rosco returned the embrace, thankful to hear her laugh and that she was here.

Very thankful...


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