Another Chance

After the leap started, Al returned to Project, still in shock after what had happened. He could still see the ashen look on the young woman’s face as she was about to cross the threshold of death. What didn’t we do right? he wondered.

“All is not lost, Admiral,” Ziggy said. “I believe there is one more chance at success.”

Al turned his eyes toward the ceiling. “How? If Sam’s on his way to Sheriff Coltrane two to three weeks after this tragedy and based on the imformation you got on the Sheriff as he was following MaryAnne's death, Sam’s going to be practically a basket case when he gets there.”

“But I have picked up information regarding the other leaper.”

Al's full attention was on the computer. “What?”

“They are on their way to Hazzard County, 1986.”

“Sheriff Coltrane? The time that Sam just left? ”


“At what point?”

Ziggy didn’t immediately respond and Al figured she was doing some calculating. He took a moment to light a cigar and after taking a puff he spoke.

“Ziggy, I’m waiting.”

“Just a moment.”

It was half a minute later when the computer spoke again.

“Dr. Beckett has arrived in 1987, in Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane again.”

“You have his exact location?”


“And the other leaper?”

“The other leaper has lept into Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane in Hazzard County, 1986. Six hours before the shootout in Hazzard Square.”

Al paused. “Six hours? Then there’s a chance they could save MaryAnne?”


"Ziggy, who is this other leaper?"

"I'm sorry, Admiral. I have not been able to obtain that information."

"If it was Zoey, we'd all be in trouble by now."

"You are correct, Admiral. Therefore I have sufficiently ruled out Zoey."

Al paced a moment, puffing thoughtfully on his cigar. "Okay, I'm going to assume that this other leaper knows what the game is and what needs to be done. If they succeed, it should cause Sam to leap again."


“But what about Rosco though? If this other leaper succeeds and then leaps, and Sam leaps, Rosco’s going to be a mess after being pulled apart from two different time periods and put through a--a--” Al waved his hand trying to find a way to describe it. “--a virtual space/time blender. How do we put him back together?”

“I will work on that. Meanwhile, Dr. Beckett needs your assistance.”

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